54 hours one way to join a job meeting on Mallorca

A woman with a rucksack in front of a train. Photo.
Emma Kritzberg travelled for five days return to participate at a job meeting on Mallorca. Photo: Johan Persson

Emma Kritzberg, professor at the Department of Biology, took the train to a meeting on Mallorca. A journey that took 54 hours and cost double what it would have to fly a couple of hours to the Mediterranean island. Yet, flying was never an option. She has not flown once for work or privately in the last six years, a conscious decision she took to reduce her carbon footprint.

Interview with Emma and more details about her journey – staff.lu.se

A train station in Paris. Photo.
The most beautiful train station on the journey – Gare de l’Est in Paris. Photo: Emma Kritzberg
The ocean and land in the distance. Photo.
The view from the ferry overlooking Palma de Mallorca. Photo: Emma Kritzberg
A woman eating an ice cream. Photo.
Springtime calls for an ice cream. Photo: Emma Kritzberg

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